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Professional regular maintenance can help preserve the life of your conservatory. This is a routine service enjoyed by many of our customers. Using our pure water-fed pole system we can access previously difficult to reach areas ensuring an efficient and effective clean whilst also removing the possibility of damage from the use of ladders.

Glass balconies

Popular because they enable you to see through and enjoy the view. However, over time rain spots, dust, dirt, sand and salt-water accumulate and the glass is marred. Cleaning them is important to ensure they look their best and provide a clear view.

Commercial Signage

Having clean windows but dirty signs creates a negative impression of your business as well as causing long-term damage such as corrosion. We can clean your signage to a high standard enabling you to preserve that professional look.

Solar Panels

Keeping solar panels clean is vital to maintaining peak efficiency and maximum power conversion. Cleaning solar panels WILL allow them to operate more efficiently. The more frequently you have your solar panels cleaned the more energy they will provide and the more money you will save.


Shutters need regular cleaning to look their best. We can also clean your shutters particularly in those hard to reach places.

Internal cleaning

Costa Window Cleaning Services also offers our customers internal window cleaning. This service involves using pure water alongside traditional cleaning methods to ensure your windows dry quickly and streak free.

Post Construction Cleaning

We specialise in post-construction window cleaning, this includes removing all debris left by builders such as paint, silicone and cement without damaging the glass.

Pressure Washing

Our pressure washing service includes cleaning of driveways, patios, pool areas, walls, fencing and garage doors to remove dirt and weeds.

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