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Why Pure Water?

Ordinary tap water is full of sediments and minerals. It is these impurities that cause spotting and streaking when tap water is left to dry on a surface.

For that reason, Costa Window Cleaning Services uses purified water through a water-fed pole system. This is done by running tap water through a specialised filtration system which removes 99.9% of the impurities, ensuring windows are always left clean and streak free. The water is then stored in clean containers ensuring we never run out.

Water Fed Poles

The purified water is then pumped through high quality, telescopic, carbon poles which can reach heights of 10 metres.

The water pumps up the poles through the specialised brush head. The stiffness of the pole coupled with the brush head enables us to remove dirt from the surface, including the window frames. As the water is pure it can dry naturally leaving a streak free finish.

The benefits

There are numerous benefits to using pure water technology: Safety – The water fed pole system eliminates the need for ladders, drastically reducing the risk of injury and damage to property.

Environmentally friendly – No harsh chemicals or detergents are used in the cleaning progress.

The water fed pole system enables Costa Window Cleaning Services to reach, with ease, previously inaccessible aspects of your property, for example, third floor or conservatory roof windows.

In addition to cleaning the windows, Costa Window Cleaning Services are also able to clean window frames, resulting in a better finish. However, we are not limited to just cleaning windows.

Our system means we clean virtually anything, including solar panels, commercial signage, shutters and cladding.
We are able to access even the hardest to reach areas with our mobile trolley system, high reach poles and extendable ladders.

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